28 April 2012


In Paris, people will do whatever it takes to fit into a parking space. We took this as an opportunity to promote Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps even the worst drivers park their cars effortlessly.

We installed a giant pinball over a free parking space and programmed the bumpers of the front and rear cars to react as pinball bumpers. The more the drivers hit the bumpers, the higher their score.

29 May 2012


cdza. We create musical video experiments. New video every other Tuesday.

Opus No. 4 - Pianists in Paris
No Steinways were harmed in the production of this video.

Download the mp3 here:

8 May 2011
I liked a YouTube video: unbelievable Street Artist in Paris!!!!!! For more Videos follow this Facebook Fan Page: Seen right in Front of Notre Dame :D
Na Vrh