8 September 2012


The opening number of Nanda on the Green Show stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

20 October 2010

4 months later, it's finished. Full 1080p HD download can be found at:

Please watch this video full screen and HD PLLLLLLLEEEEEASEEE!!! (sorry if youtube hasn't upgraded it to HD yet, will probably take an hour or whatever)


So sorry I forgot to credit Henrik Namark of for the music in the credits. He's incredibly talented, and you should go give him some attention.


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26 February 2011
I liked a YouTube video: A fight between an 8-bit superhero and a high-def boss, in a retro-gaming world. Programmer's Note: Assaulting the senses with dazzling visual imagery and gloriously over-the-top action, this high-octane animated adventure plays with classic vi...
8 November 2011
Check out this tiny selection of veteran fisherman Bill Dance's classic bloopers. There are loads more on his DVDs. AWESOME!
9 January 2012


Video by @Jonny_Reed

Performed and Choreographed by Cleary & Harding


Music: Hands (Michael Woods Dub Remix) by Ting Tings

12 January 2012



Available on iTunes :
EP (3 tracks + remixes) out in January 2012. Album coming soon ! Stay tuned.
A La Gaité Lyrique (Paris) le 24/01 (concert complet).
Nouvelle date parisienne à la Cigale le 29 Mai, vos places ici :
Réalisation : 20syl & Francis Cutter
Production : On And On Records
Tourné le 2/11/11 à l'Abbaye de Fontevraud
Directeur photo : Bertrand Latouche
Électriciens : Adrien L'Hommedé, Olivier Trauger
Performed by C2C (20Syl, Atom, Greem, Pfel).
Mixé par : Thomas Le Vexier
Masterisé par : Damien Bolo @ Spectrum studio
Cover artwork : LVL Studio


Remerciements :
Quentin Curtat, James Fonteneau , Pauline Le Floch, Nathalie Malaurie, Bertrand Menard, Antoine Saint-Jean, Sébastien Bigay, les Films du Funambule, Allison Petillot, Marie Nguyen, My-Lien Khul, Laurence Pham.
Toute l'équipe de l'Abbaye de Fontrevraud.

La Baguetterie (, Flash Dance.


Liens :

24 April 2012 - The same exact dance, on the same exact day, the same exact time, in hundreds of cities across United States and Canada. The World's Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob!

On April 21, 2012 we made history with the World's Largest Simultaneous Flash Mob. More than 2000 dancers in hundreds of cities met to do the Carlton dance, lead by none other than Alfonso Ribeiro himself. At noon PDT flash mobs across the country performed the dance made famous by Carlton Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to promote the Body by Vi Challenge, America's fastest growing weight loss and fitness Challenge.

8 May 2011
I liked a YouTube video: unbelievable Street Artist in Paris!!!!!! For more Videos follow this Facebook Fan Page: Seen right in Front of Notre Dame :D
Na Vrh