5 October 2012


Performing simple tasks in a complex manner is what the human-powered freerunning machine is all about. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

Watch how the Freerunning Machine was made: here

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21 August 2011
3-D Dodgeball on a HUGE TRAMPOLINE COURT at SKY ZONE in ROCKLIN! online at / 916-644-9966 / 1091 Tinker rd #200 Rocklin, CA 95765
12 November 2011
Damien Walters 2011 Showreel:

Professional stuntman, gymnastics coach and free runner Damien Walters returns with his annual video: Damien Walters 2011 Showreel.
6 February 2012



This is the Sketchy Andy Lewis Show Reel of 2011. Filled with hard falls, crazy lines, free solos, BASE jumps, Rope Jumps, and radical slackline tricks; this is a compilation of Andy Lewis' highlights of 2011. Without the help of many friends this video would never have been made. Without the physical help of carrying gear, leading, belaying, helping rig, and finding areas... Without the external help of inspiration, dedication, and excess rage... without my sponsors and followers.... this video would never get made. So thank you, everyone. Everything you see in this video was filmed by me or a friend. Many thanks go out to Ryan Matson, Hayley Ashburn, Braden Mayfield, Jeremy Louis, Brent and Canyon Cain, Scott Rogers, and Emily Sukiennik for helping capture many of the clips in this video, as well as pictures at many if not all the projects we do.

26 March 2012


Andrew Dickey riding Melbourne in early 2012. Thanks to Gemma and Paul for additional filming. 
Music: Attack Ships on Fire, Architect.

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