17 October 2011
Jesús González: 1/2 Portraits

1/2 portraits' by jesús gonzález
image © jesús gonzález

for his series '1/2', venezuelan artist jesús gonzález rodríguez creates unsettling portraits by collaging multiple photographs of individuals and 'cutting' out along their edges. each image is composed of a head-on and side view of the subject against a blank white wall, creating a nearly optical-illusion in which the portraits can appear momentarily normal until one's eyes fall upon an outlying characteristic.


1 June 2010
Hous of enjoy

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25 June 2010
Photo of the Day: Emotisun

Photo of the Day: Emotisun. [reddit.] & &

Photo of the Day: Emotisun.



29 August 2011

Author's Note:

wouldn't wanna start up with this guy!

6 January 2012 - This is our Photography-themed Rube Goldberg Machine. We hope you all enjoy the clip!


Watch our video explaining some of the process of getting this video done here:


You can watch the teasers we put out in the months leading up to our Rube Goldberg Machine here: Teaser #1:

Teaser #2:


Special thanks to everyone who helped make this video possible!! Check out the blog post above for more information.

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