29 December 2011



This is a non-profit film and is for private use only not intended for sales or commercial use. We reserve the copyrights and tm to the original creators of the following content used within the film. This film was produced solely for entertainment purposes and for the love toward gaming, music, and airsofting.


18 December 2010
Ich mag ein YouTube-Video.: Metal objects of the past come to life in the depths of the sea
12 May 2011
I liked a YouTube video: Director Jeff Chan re-made the classic viral video 'Charlie Bit My Finger' in a horror film style. CAST Bill Mervyn Joseph Son Ethan Gerry Camera POV Actor: Mike Heathcote Voiced by: Lawrence Bill Mother...
2 September 2011

ass-duff-moo-vee-for Download the asdfmovie song!

Ben Smallman (animator):

Todd Bryanton (music):


Thanks to all my epic guest voice actors for appearing in this! I love you all.


16 February 2012


A comprehensive masterclass in Nouveau Shamanic™ acting courtesy of one of our favourite actors - Nicolas Cage. Love him or hate him (and we love him!), there's certainly never a dull moment. The hardest part about putting together this montage was having to miss out so many of his best scenes that don't involve dialogue, just odd noises and physical gestures!

Na Vrh