27 November 2010
9GAG - What

9GAG - What's the difference? & &

11 September 2012


makes me laugh a lot o(≧∇≦o)
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3 November 2010
Map Directions WIN

Map Directions WIN & &

Epic WIN for directions from Japan to China!


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23 February 2011
The House That Fun Built of the Day

The House That Fun Built of the Day: Yokohama-based LEVEL Architects   House with Slide  is a private, three-story residence located in the Higashiyama district of Meguro City in Tokyo.




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18 June 2011
This is not magic. There is no trick.

Thanks for watching !

thanks/respect: Kotaro, Nicolas Longuechaud, pich, Metra, Kotaro Fujiyama, Iwano metalworking industry , Tokyu Hands, spray artist Hermit, Kraken, Teruki Okamoto

Song: Kiwamu - Blue Lightning
Where did you buy those rings?: I asked metal/wood working industry to make them.
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