3 July 2011
The Contraption II was one of the longest contraption videos created by Baynham & Tyers.
17 September 2011
Take two people, add a little hot air, and boom! That's all there is to it! Captured over a period of nine months in our home in San Francisco. For more details, see
23 September 2011
Carlsberg stunts in Belgium with 148 bikers in a movie theatre.
Some innocent couples want to take their seat, but the room is filled with not-so- friendly gentlemen... How will they react?
14 November 2011






MGMT & Artwork : CAde


7 December 2011


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Produced by the Center for a New American Dream



24 January 2012


10 Misconceptions Debunked.

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Just in case you haven't seen it before, you need to read about the seven-legged spider:

Also, you need to watch the 5th Element:

2 April 2012


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For our latest mission we filled a New York park with eight sets of identical quadruplets, creating a surreal experience for anyone who happened to be walking through the park.

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