1 June 2010
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20 June 2010
Durex: Happy Father

Durex: Happy Father's day & & Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in 52 of the world's countries. Today is that day. This advertisement made for Durex is marvelous. It simply says: "To all those who use our competitors" products: Happy Father's Day. Company: Durex
Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town
Country: South Africa South Africa


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25 June 2010
Photo of the Day: Emotisun

Photo of the Day: Emotisun. [reddit.] & &

Photo of the Day: Emotisun.



5 October 2010
Great Idea: Cozy Terrarium & Photo Display A Beautiful Mess

Great Idea: Cozy Terrarium & Photo Display A Beautiful Mess & &

I think Elsie Flannigan loves Fall just as much as I do! The young entrepreneur has been busy setting up her new vintage shop in Springfield, Missouri, and recently installed this cozy terrarium display behind the cash-wrap area. Although her display is in a retail store, I think this is a great idea that can be used to seasonally decorate a home as well.

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31 October 2010
ghostbusters desktop

ghostbusters-desktop.jpg (739x599) & &

3 November 2010
Map Directions WIN

Map Directions WIN & &

Epic WIN for directions from Japan to China!


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